Sep 29, 2008


This painting was inspired by the landscape of Lucca, Italy, which is located in Tuscany, about an hour from Pisa. It measures 12" h x 24" w. SOLD

Sep 10, 2008

Quebec City Park View

This is the view from a park in Quebec City. The sun was very strong on this evening and every color was amplified. The painting is 16" w x 20" h. This painting is no longer available.

Sep 4, 2008

Interior With A Chaise Lounge

Guess where I obtained the subject matter for this one...Quebec City of course! It has been a very inspirational city for my paintings this year. I may have to go back next year for more subject matter. This painting is 8" h x 10" w. Not for Sale.

Interior With Two Chairs

This was inspired by a photo that I took at a bed & breakfast in Quebec City this past May. The afternoon light bounced from the walls to illuminate the room. It is 8" w x 16" h and includes a 2 1/2" wide carved gold frame. It will be at the International Images Gallery in Sewickley, PA for the biannual gallery walk beginning on September 12, 2008. SOLD

Quebec City Street at Dusk

This painting will be at the Latrobe Art Center in Pennsylvania from September 6 through November 1. The painting was inspired by a photograph that I took in Quebec City this past May. It is close to dusk, the street is dark but the sky is still bright on the horizon. The painting is 16" w x 20" h and includes a 2 1/2" carved gold frame. SOLD.