Aug 20, 2020

Dinner in Lyon


We were originally supposed to fly into Aix en Provence last year, but due to two consecutive days of flight delays, we changed our route to land in Lyon, which saved us another day of delays. The reference photo was taken in a section of town where the streets are lined with outdoor restaurants, and was reminiscent of Saint Germain des Pres in Paris. Oil on 30"h x 24"w stretched linen. 

Aug 6, 2020

Summer Night in Aix

During a warm week in Aix en Provence, people took advantage of the cool evening weather and visited the town's cafes for dinner and drinks. The trees took on a yellow glow from the street lights. Oil on 16" x 12" stretched linen. 

May 28, 2020

Daffodils and Whisky

I've been pretty obsessed with flowers lately. I had been painting seasonal daffodils and tulips as part of my still lifes. I took this past week off from painting to plant more flowers in my garden. Oil on 8"h x 6"w stretched linen.

May 19, 2020

Daffodils, Grand Marnier and Macaroon

I painted this at the beginning of the quarantine when I was trying to make myself feel better by surrounding myself with pretty things. It worked for a while. Oil on 8"h x 6"w stretched linen.

May 4, 2020

Orange and White Kitten

This was one of six kittens I found last fall on a busy road at night. I took them home with me and ended up finding them all homes, and I adopted the last one. I really wish people would spay and neuter their pets and keep them indoors, especially if they live near a busy road. Oil on 8"h x 6"w stretched linen.

May 1, 2020

Roses and Mimosas with Chambord

A morning mimosa get together with friends inspired the artist to use the drink’s components as subject matter. The roses happened to be there and added to the ambience. The painting’s 1 1/2” sides are painted raw umber and it comes ready to hang.

Apr 23, 2020

Market in Aix

I miss the days when we didn't have to social distance, and could slowly peruse markets and grocery stores without worrying as much about contaminating ourselves or others. This is a scene from the market in Aix en Provence last summer. Hopefully we will all be at farmers' markets again soon. Oil on 9"h x 12"w stretched linen.

Apr 7, 2020

Morning Coffee in Aix

The best way to start a morning in Aix en Provence is drinking coffee at an outdoor cafe before the sun gets too hot. Oil on 20"h x 16"w x 1 1/2"s stretched linen. SOLD.

Mar 9, 2020

Canal in Nimes

A walk along the canal in Nimes, France is refreshing on a hot summer day. It is an oasis in a town otherwise filled with Roman architecture. There are also many fountains where dogs and kids frolic to cool off. The streets are pretty quiet on a hot day, but at night all the squares are jamb packed with people on their way to dinner at one of the outside restaurants. Oil on 14"h x 18"w x 1 1/2"d stretched linen.

Jan 20, 2020

Trivia Night at the Pub

I'm not sure why I never posted this painting from last year. It is of a crowded pub in Edinburgh on trivia night. We had no idea this activity would take place, or we would have timed our visit better so we could participate. Oil on 12" x 18" stretched linen. SOLD.

Jan 10, 2020

Alley in Siena

I've never painted a street that dips down, then back up again. I wanted to see if I could re-create the effect. Oil on 12" x 16" stretched linen. Painted from a photo I took in Siena, Itay a few years ago. SOLD.

Jan 3, 2020

Houses in Shadyside

 Houses on a bright, fall day in Shadyside, Pittsburgh. Oil on 14"h x 11"w stretched linen. SOLD.

Soft Shell Crab

While I'm not a vegetarian, I do feel bad for all the animals I eat. I wanted to capture this guy on canvas at least, so we would not forget he lived, and helped me live. Oil on 6"h x 8"w stretched linen.

Bowl of Clams

A bowl of clams that I started painting from life, and then finished from photo so I could cook them before they spoiled. Oil on 6"h x 8"w stretched linen.

Parisian Restaurant

People linger after a long lunch in Paris. Oil on 16" x 16" stretched linen. SOLD.

Red and Yellow Tulips

I painted these tulips from life, as in the previous painting. Oil on 6" x 6" stretched linen. SOLD.


I painted this tulip painting from life. It was difficult because they changed position every day. Oil on 6" x 6" linen. SOLD.

View of Rome

A painting of some Roman ruins. Oil on 24"h x 48"w stretched canvas. SOLD.

A Walk in Aix

A family walks down an alley in Aix en Provence on a hot summer day. SOLD.