Jan 29, 2008

Venetian Canal Study

This is a study of a Venetian Canal. I wanted to determine if the composition and style will be suitable as a larger piece, and I may soon paint a larger one. I have been trying to paint a picture every day since January 1 to experiment with different subject matter and paint applications, therefore they have all been very small. Now I find it difficult to return to larger pieces as the smaller ones have a greater sense of spontaneity and freshness.

Jan 28, 2008

Tiny Teapot

This tiny teapot is only good for one cup of tea. It has been in my family longer than I have. I have seen it all my life, and never thought of it as subject matter until recently.

Sleeping Cats

These are not my cats, they belong to my mother. They eat together, fight together and sleep together. The one that is most visible is known among the neighborhood cats as the Feline Goodwill Ambassador because he befriends everyone, even the scrappy ones. SOLD

Jan 22, 2008

Oliver the Cat with shoes

Oliver is always curious, even about shoes. I don't think they match his gray and white suit, but he looks like he wants to try them on anyway. SOLD

Jan 18, 2008

Looking Out the Window II

Oliver is a great model and muse. In this painting, however, he is visibly tired of living with the paparazzi and just wants to look out the window without having his picture taken (this was painted from a photograph). Maybe I'll give him a break and just let him be a regular cat for a few days. SOLD

Jan 17, 2008

Looking out the Window

Oliver the cat likes to hang out with me while I paint and provide moral support. He usually sleeps in this chair or looks out the window, then I have to stop painting to take his picture. SOLD

Jan 12, 2008

Golden Slippers


Morning in Town

This was a bright, spring morning near Versailles. It looked warm with the yellow sunlight, but there was actually a chill in the air. SOLD

Paris Window


New York Evening

This New York evening was a mild night in February. SOLD

Lighting Candles

I staged this scene with a model in my old apartment. Most of the scenes that I paint occur naturally and I just snap a photo, but in this case I had the dress and the old architecture on hand, which inspired me to set the scene. SOLD

French Interior

This Interior at Versailles was one of my favorite paintings, both to paint and to look at. SOLD

Afternoon Shift Change

These Venetian Gondoliers are changing shifts for the afternoon. SOLD

Inside the Athenaeum

The Athenaeum Hotel is located at the Chautauqua Institute in New York. SOLD

Jan 6, 2008

View of the Canal

This is a view of a quiet canal in Venice. There are no tourists and no gondolas, there is only solitude and time to reflect on the sights, smells, far away sounds and the humid summer air. I always wonder what kind of interiors are behind those billowy green awnings. SOLD

Getting Ready for a Nap

This is a new oil painting inspired by my Oliver. It is currently for sale on Ebay. The painting is approximately 11" x 14" and includes a carved gold frame. The warm light from the lamp in the room creates a moody contrast with the cool light from outside the window. SOLD

Jan 3, 2008

An Arcade in Venice

This is an oil painting inspired by Venice's grandeur. It is an arcade near the Piazza San Marco. It was nice to be in the shelter of the cool stone building and to watch the light from the hot afternoon filter in. SOLD.

Touring the Grand Canal

This is a Venetian scene that I painted in 2007. It is one of the twelve paintings that I have done since my Italian tour in June. There are hopefully many more to follow. This painting is approximately 18" h x 24" w. It was a joy to paint, watching it transpire over a period of weeks. I usually work on several paintings at a time, then I can go back to each with fresh eyes after taking a break.