Feb 21, 2008

Feb 12, 2008

Dog Portrait

This is my cat's cousin, Helga. Actually this dog belongs to my aunt. In this picture, she is taking a break from dancing. She likes to stand on her hind legs and twirl around. SOLD

Feb 10, 2008

Cat Portrait

This is a portrait of my Oliver, sitting on the dining room table. It is one of his favorite places because it reminds him of dinnertime, when he tries to steal the food off of our plates. In this painting he looks as though he anticipates a snack. SOLD

Feb 7, 2008

Italian-English Cocker Spaniel

This painting is named as such because it was painted from a photo that I took in Lucca Italy. He or she rested outside of a shop on a hot afternoon. SOLD

Feb 6, 2008

Cat with Grapes and Wine

Oliver the cat always tries to steal my food. In this painting he is eying my grapes, probably because I had just washed them and he wanted to drink the water that dripped off of them. Alas, I was able to protect my snack and I rewarded him with a kitty treat for creating such a picturesque scene. SOLD

Feb 4, 2008

Sleeping Cat

After a long day of playing and trying to steal my chicken dinner, Oliver is tired. I painted this from life, between Oliver's tosses and turns. I usually paint cats from photos because they don't sit still, but I decided to do an impromptu sketch with paint. the finished product is slightly impressionistic.