Dec 22, 2016

Almost Dusk in Manhattan

I'm not sure where I was when I took the reference photo for this painting, but I loved the contrast between the warm light of the setting sun and the cool concrete. Oil on 18"h x 14"w x 1 1/2" stretched linen. SOLD.

Dec 16, 2016

Dexter the Cat

Dexter is my grandmother's cat, and I'm pretty sure he is related to my late cat Oliver, as they have similar appearances and personalities. Gray and white cats are my favorite to paint because the light, shadows and reflections create interesting colors in their fur, and the gray helps you know that those aren't really colors, they're just reflections. Oil on 7"h x 5"w stretched linen. SOLD.

Dec 15, 2016

Along the Via di Belvedere

From the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence you can see a winding wall going up the opposite hill, surrounded by olive groves. I wondered what was there, so I jogged up the hill one morning. Unfortunately, you can't really see over the high walls into the city or the olive groves, and the tall iron fences are sealed off so you can't see inside. I saw some pretty views of the wall's turrets and cypress trees, however. Oil on 7"h x 5"w stretched linen.

Wine and Cheesecake

If you can pair wine with cheese, you can pair wine with cheesecake! Oil on 5"h x 7"w stretched linen.

Available at Gallery on 43rd Street, Pittsburgh, PA

Dec 13, 2016

Drinking a Guinness

This guy seems to be pondering life at an Irish pub over a Guinness. Oil on 7"h x 5"w stretched linen.

For anyone looking for last minute holiday gifts (for me, that's the only kind of gift because I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet!) or if you simply want to spruce up your home or office during this often dark time of year, you can find my artwork in the following places:

Gallery on 43rd Street, Pittsburgh, PA