Oct 11, 2018

Coffee Cat

My Alfred likes to hang out on the kitchen countertop. He even eats his canned breakfast and dinner up there, away from Stella who always tries to steal his food. I painted this from a photo I took while preparing both of our breakfasts one morning. Oil on 6"h x 4"w stretched canvas. SOLD.

Oct 7, 2018

Cream Puff

A painting of a cream puff, inspired by the fabulous desserts available at Six Hand Bakery of Indiana, PA. I started this painting from life, but ended up eating it halfway through, so I had to paint the rest from photos. Always buy two desserts when using them for subject matter... one to eat and one to paint. Oil on 6" x 6" stretched linen. SOLD.

Oct 4, 2018

Farmers' Market Sunflowers

A painting inspired by some sunflowers I purchased at the Indiana, PA Farmers' Market. They are one of my favorite flowers to paint because I don't feel the need to get too nitpicky with the details. Freely applying big masses of yellow, red, black and sometimes purple creates the impression of the flower that seems free in itself. Oil on 16" x 16" stretched linen. SOLD.