Nov 13, 2009

Messy Table

One of my favorite aspects of visiting museums is going to the museum cafe. There is nothing more luxurious than indulging one's eyesight in beautiful artwork and then sipping wine or coffee with a snack afterward. This is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This painting is on 9" w x 12" h canvas panel. SOLD.

Cafe Interior

We have three local coffee shops in addition to Starbucks. This is the interior of Cafe Amadeus. It is themed around Mozart and Vienna. The cappuccino, smoothies and Yerba Matte tea are among my favorite drinks there. The north light coming through the window perfectly accentuates the room. I love all three of my local coffee establishments equally, however, and encourage people to utilize all of them. Commonplace coffeehouse has a Clover machine, which seems to make more use of the coffee bean (I don't really know how else to describe it). Krangers has the best danishes this side of the Atlantic (as of 4/10, they have stopped making their danishes due to lack of consumption. It is a true tragedy!). Starbucks is always superb but I don't place it in the same category as our local establishments. I think maybe extraterrestrials had something to do with the divinity of Starbucks. Just kidding, I think. This painting is 9" w x 12" h and is on canvas board. SOLD.

Cat and instruments

It's amazing how cats can walk among the most fragile things and not break them unless they intend to. I often have finished paintings laying all over my studio floor to dry and am nervous that my cat will step on them. I rarely isolate him from my studio while I'm working there because he likes to hang out with me. He has never stepped on one of my paintings yet. He has knocked a digital camera from my dining room table, however, but it must have reminded him of a mouse. this painting is 20" w x 16" h. SOLD.

Charleston Pathway

This is actually a pathway to a graveyard. It is next to a church, but I can't remember it's name. This painting is 18" w x 24" h. This painting will be for sale on on December 24th. SOLD.

Mountain of Cheese

My vision of heaven includes mountains of cheese and rivers of pino noir with lifesavers/rafts of pitted, oil-cured olives (do olives float?). This painting is 16" w x 20" h. This painting will be for sale on on December 24. SOLD.

A Street in Charleston

My husband and I traveled to Asheville, Savannah and Charleston in September. Even heading for fall, the weather was very much like summer. In Pennsylvania, we had not experienced that kind of weather this year on even the most summery day. The palm trees (not exhibited in this painting) and the heat made me feel pleasantly far from home. This painting is 18" w x 24" h. This painting will be for sale on on December 24. SOLD.