Sep 19, 2015

Busy Cafe

I painted this from a photo I took at Cafe Prueckel in Vienna. It was a lively and warm oasis on a cold, rainy October afternoon. Oil on 12"h x 9"w stretched linen. SOLD.

Sep 17, 2015

Bird Watching

A calico cat wakes from a peaceful nap to watch some birds. I'm sure after the birds left she promptly went back to sleep. Oil on 8"h x 6"w linen on panel. SOLD.

Sep 13, 2015

A Tourist in Venice

I painted this from a photo my mother took of me on our first day in Venice in 2007. I normally paint from my own photos, but occasionally my mom and I share photos, especially if we were travelling together and/or I am running out of subject matter. The photo I painted from was taken on our first morning in Venice. I wanted to capture the canals, the shadows of the alley and the red buildings, but he painting definitely needed a person in the lower left quadrant. I was already in the photo, so I just included myself in the painting. This is how I normally look while travelling... holding a camera, not smiling or taking selfies. I really don't have many pictures of myself on trips unless my mom goes with me. Oil on 11"h x 14"w stretched linen. SOLD.