May 18, 2011

Cafe Florian

I painted this oil painting of Cafe Florian in Venice, Italy from a photo. It was one of those photos that I almost didn't take, but was glad I did. When we were walking past, nobody wanted to stop because it was hot and we were in a hurry and irritated with each other because we all wanted to do different things. It was worth it to temporarily aggravate my fellow travelers. The painting is 30"w x 40"h.

May 9, 2011

Amsterdam Canal

This is the last of my series of Amsterdam paintings. This is 30"h x 40" w x 1 1/2"d. SOLD.


I decided to try a study of my grandmother, who we all know as Bub. I am going to do a series of paintings of family members sharing meals, inspired by the Potato Eaters. I saw at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, that he did studies of some of the models before painting the scene. This painting is 10"h x 8"w on canvas panel.

May 4, 2011


Once we started getting a little bit of spring-like weather, I started painting walls instead of pictures. I have a couple pf paintings that I have finished recently and am currently working on three more. I will be posting them very soon. Hopefully the weather will stay cold and rainy so I can complete the latter three... because when spring returns, it is gardening time!