Aug 29, 2008

Cafe Interior

This painting is based on a photo that I took at a cafe in Quebec City in May. The couple at the table in the corner reads the newspaper after a late lunch. It seems like many people linger over their meals there, which is how it should be. This painting is 16" w x 20"h. SOLD.

After a Long Day

After a long day, I sometimes like to wine is my favorite. This gentleman in a long coat is either going to have a seat with a glass of Cabernet after dealing with the cold weather outside, or he is getting ready to go out for a decide. The painting is 12" w x 16" h.

Reading on a Chaise

I haven't had any "daily paintings" for about a week, yet I have been painting every day for hours and hours getting ready for autumn art events. This oil painting is 18" h x 24" w. SOLD

Aug 19, 2008

Strawberry Sorbet

Often during my meals, the act of eating is postponed in the pursuit of a painting composition. I have to limit that with sorbet, as it melts quickly. People in restaurants seem to wonder why I am taking photos of the room and of my food, and sketching rather than eating. I hope that restaurant staffs don't think that I am a food critic or from the department of health and sanitation... I just want them to know that I am merely in awe of the sights associated with food. This painting is 5" h x 7" w. This painting is no longer available.

Aug 15, 2008

The Red Door

The setting for this painting is Quebec City, Canada. This is my favorite type of picture to paint, with sharp contrast and clear colors. The painting is 8" h and 10" w. SOLD

Aug 14, 2008


Birdwatching is one of Oliver the cat's favorite activities. When he sits on one of his many perches to watch the passing robins, nothing else captures his attention. This painting is 8" w x 10" h and is unframed. SOLD

Aug 9, 2008

Sassy Dog

As Helga the dog reclines on her throne, she has a sassy look with her eyes averted and one ear back. This oil painting is 10"h x 8" w. SOLD

Aug 5, 2008

Night Walk in Quebec

This painting was inspired by a walk that I took at night in Quebec City, Canada. I love walking in the evenings... one can see the buildings and sidewalks that are normally tan or gray turn to blue and violet. The lights cast warm reflections on the windows. SOLD

Night Walk

This painting was inspired by a walk that I took at night in Venice, Italy. This doorway was a portal to a different street, where the shop interiors were still illuminated before closing for the night. The upper apartment windows glowed from within. SOLD

Aug 1, 2008

Where's the Bus?

I painted this from a photograph that I took while getting ready to leave for our most recent vacation. I think the cat is starting to understand the significance of suitcases. When he sees us packing them and placing them by the door, he knows that all the grandparents will be visiting every day to spoil him even more than he already is. This painting is 10" w x 8" h. SOLD