Dec 30, 2008

The View along Rue St Anne

From the Rue Ste-Anne in Quebec City, Canada, one sees people relaxing on benches and the afternoon sun resting on the buildings. This oil painting is 12" h x 16" w. Not for Sale.

Lucca Trees and Rooftops

Another Lucca View. This oil painting is 8" h x 10" w and is on canvas. SOLD.

Vern and Violin

My dad's cat was previously known as Laverne but there was an oversight and now the cat's name is Vern. This oil painting is 8" h x 10" w. Not for sale.

Dec 11, 2008

Ready for the Day

This interior is 12" x 12" unframed. The scene is at a bed & breakfast at Ocean City, New Jersey. The owners made fabulous breakfasts every day... very unusual in a world where breakfast is sometimes plastic wrapped crackers with cheese made in a laboratory. We had apple pancakes and omelets with portobello mushrooms, among other treats. SOLD

Dec 4, 2008

Red Foyer

This is an oil painting on canvas board. It is 12" w x 16" h. It is of a foyer at a bed and breakfast in Quebec City, Canada. SOLD

Dec 1, 2008

Favorite Seat

This is Oliver the cat's new favorite seat. It used to be my favorite place to sit, but I was exiled. The oil painting is 8" x 10". SOLD.