Feb 28, 2009

I Challenge You to a Duel

Who will win, the kitten or the metronome? I'm betting on the feisty cat. This oil painting is on 8" h x 10" w canvas board. SOLD.

Feb 25, 2009

A Smart Snack

This is the same Orange that I posted last month, but I added books and a bottle of wine, transforming it into a smart snack. It is 5" h x 7" w.

Room Service, Please

This bedroom is badly in need of room service. Even so, at least the morning sunlight bouncing off the walls creates a peaceful effect. The oil painting is on 8" w x 10" h stretched canvas. SOLD.

Golden Slippers II

This oil painting is on 5" h x 7" w canvas board. SOLD.

Feb 19, 2009

New Purchase

This box of shiny, new red shoes is on 9" w x 12" h stretched canvas. Shoes are the item that started my new Feminine Painting Series. My mother and I set up a still life of black shoes (see the painting, "Flock of Shoes" below), and a friend of hers joked that we should paint red bras to go along with them. I had previously thought about painting that very subject, and had even taken a couple of photos, but wasn't sure if it would fit in with my usual choice of subject matter. Then I thought of all the other stuff that is feminine that goes with bras and shoes, and decided to build a whole series around it, including cosmetics, purses, perfume bottles and jewelry. This theme fits around my past aspirations as well. As a teenager I was obsessed with fashion and wanted to become a fashion designer...it is what inspired me to start drawing. You can't tell that by looking at me now, since I am always in my painting clothes. I think this is fashion week in New York, so these paintings go along with current events.The seven paintings that follow are the first in my Feminine Series. This painting is no longer available.

Red Stilettos

Stilettos are best off of one's feet, they are impossible to walk in. I'm not even sure if these technically qualify as stilettos, but they are still prettier than they are practical. This oil painting is on 8" h x 10" w canvas board. SOLD.

Red Shoes

These red shoes are oil on 8" h x 10" w canvas board. This painting is no longer available.

Burgundy Top and Black Shoes on Dresser

I wanted to incorporate the lingerie, shoes and perfume into a room setting, rather than just focusing on those items alone as a still life. This way, it is still kind of a still life, but it is also an interior scene. This oil painting is 16" w x 20" h on canvas board.

Pink Bra, Black Dresser

This painting of a pink bra is 12" x 12" on canvas board.

Click Here to Purchase from Zatista.com

Blue Top, Black Shoes

This oil painting is on 12" w x 16" h stretched canvas.

Closet Interior

Another painting from my feminine series. It is 18" w x 24" h, oil on stretched canvas. It is available for $900 at ArtQuiver.com. SOLD.

Black Top, Red shoes

This oil painting is 12" w x 16" h.

Feb 18, 2009

Before Springtime in Paris

Not really winter, not really spring... it is before springtime in Paris. This oil painting is 16" h x 20" w and will be on the ArtQuiver website when it begins its operations in March. SOLD.

Afternoon in Indiana

This is an oil painting of a December afternoon in Indiana, PA (when the sun is actually shining). The painting is 24" h x 30" w. The painting will soon be for sale on the website www.ArtQuiver.com. The site should be operational in March. SOLD.