Oct 29, 2008

Lucca Street

This is a view of a busy street in Lucca, Italy. It is during lunchtime on a hot June day. People walk through the streets in pursuit of gelati. The painting is 8" h x 10" w. SOLD.


Firecracker Kid said...

Hello. I've read through your blog and viewed your wonderful, beautiful, and calming creations. I don't know how to speak in art language, but I certainly know what catches my eye. I found you on etsy and now on ebay too, and really love your paintings. Very nicely done with the colors, and subjects. I love it all! Aces and thumbs up from this kind lady:) Thanks for sharing your talent with all. Blessings!

Jonelle Summerfield said...

Thank you Carol...kind words such as yours always provide inspiration!

willson said...

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