Jan 20, 2009


I don't paint still lifes much unless they are part of an interior scene. Plus because there are so many of them in the world, do I really need to create more of them? I just painted this one for fun and because I liked how the sunlight made the pericarp (that's technically what the white part is called) and the pith (which surprisingly contains nearly the same amount of vitamin C as the flesh, according to Wikipedia) glow. This painting no longer exists as pictured...see "A Smart Snack".


DoneByMi said...

Like u paintings wery mutch .

Emilio Valerio D' Ospina said...

the problem is not how many still life we have in the history...the problem is how do you MAKE still life! look for example luciano ventrone's still life pieces...they are a contemporary version of caravaggio's still life ;)

good job jonelle!!!