Aug 13, 2010


Okay, I'll admit it... When I take walks at night I look in the windows of nicely decorated houses to see how the owners have decorated. I am not any kind of "people watcher", I merely like to appreciate the decor. I do have an interior design degree, after all. When my husband and I were in Charleston last year, we were walking some of the spooky streets at night between restaurant and bar, and I spotted this house that was for sale. This room was softly lighted and this cat sat on a chair that he was probably not supposed to sit on to prepare for bed. When compared the darkness of the streets, this scene provided a feeling of serenity and safety.

To the owner of this house if you are unhappy with me: If you don't want me to paint pictures of your living room, close your curtains at night!

This oil painting is on 10" h x 8" w canvas. SOLD.

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