Nov 4, 2010


To me, this is the spookiest corner in central Savannah, even during the day. We took a ghost tour one night when we visited in September of '09. The tour guide pointed out all the hot spots where orbs are most likely to appear in photos, but I didn't have a single one in any of the 1000 pictures that I took that week. Oh well, I was looking more for subject matter than paranormal activity anyway. This oil painting of a Savannah house is 10"h x 8"w x 1 .5"thick.

Disclaimer: If you stumbled upon this painting by Googling "paranormal activity" because maybe your house is haunted, but you are also considering purchasing art, please be aware that I do not accept returns for paintings that were damaged by ghosts that were unhappy with your purchase. You need to consult with them before making any major purchases for "their" house! Otherwise, paintings may be returned to me within 30 days if you purchase them directly from me.

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