Dec 23, 2010


THIS IS WHY I AVOID THE BAKERY SECTION OF GROCERY STORES! Because there are always cute desserts. I usually can just keep walking, but today the scent emanating from the bakery was more difficult for me to resist than siren's song would be for sailors. Almost as disastrous as crashing into seaside cliffs, I purchased a cookie with a mountain of icing in the shape of a penguin on top. I had to paint this quickly because the smell of butter-cream was too much to endure. What you can't see from this painting is that there is a huge bite taken out of the back of the cookie :) I'll save the rest for my husband who has a faster metabolism than I have.

Not only is this painting Christmas/winter related, but also sports-related; the Pittsburgh Penguins are going to be in the Winter Classic on New Year's Day. No longer available.

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