Feb 19, 2013

Louvre Cafe

This is the interior of one of the cafes in the Louvre. Oil on Linen, 18"h x 14"w. It will be part of my most recent exhibit at Gallery on 43rd Street in Pittsburgh, PA (Lawrenceville.) This is a link to the gallery and the show information: Click Here The exhibit runs from Friday, February 22 - March 30, 2013. SOLD.


Alice Andreini said...

This is an exquisite painting. i have been thinking about painting interiors and you have inspired me. Do you paint form life or a photo or both?

Jonelle Summerfield said...

Thank you very much! Interiors are among my favorite subjects to paint! I paint from photos right now, as it allows me to travel light, but would someday like to take an extended trip that would allow me to paint from life in cafes. Good luck!