Sep 30, 2014

After Dinner in Saint Germain

This is another one of the thirty new paintings that I will have on exhibit at Gallery on 43rd Street in Pittsburgh, PA (Lawrenceville) from Friday, October 3rd through December 31st, 2014.  Click here to visit the website. The paintings were mostly inspired by my recent trip to France and will include interiors, sidewalk cafes, food, cityscapes and boats.

While I loved spending time in Paris with my fellow travelers, including my mom and a friend of mine, we separated for dinner one night and then I decided to take a walk afterwards. I feel that certain cities, especially Paris, require at least one lone walk to best absorb the atmosphere. Sometimes when you walk with others, you talk to them, go in directions you don't necessarily want to go, and are on a mission to find a certain destination. Or if you choose to meander with them, you still have to compromise on where to go. I chose to wander the lively streets and alleys of Saint Germain. Even if you are alone,  you are not lonely there amid all the people eating, drinking and enjoying the good things in what I think is the best part of the city. Oil on 12"h x 9"w stretched linen. SOLD.

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