Jul 6, 2015

Oliver Sketch

I did this sketch of Oliver a few weeks ago, before he became very ill. I was getting ready to go to the beach and thought I'd want to do some painting while there. Then I realized my good intentions to do work on trips never pans out, so instead of taking paint I decided to just take sketching materials and watercolor pencils, as they would take less luggage space. But I hadn't actually used watercolor pencils in a very long time prior to this sketch, and wanted to practice a bit. It was an enjoyable process, mostly due to the inspiration provided by one of my favorite models. I will miss him.


diane said...

Such a precious sketch - so sorry to hear about the loss of your handsome Oliver. I hope you're able to find some comfort in your sweet memories of him.

Jonelle Summerfield said...

Thank you so much, Diane. I definitely have found comfort in my memories of our life together. I am fortunate to have over 4000 photos, as pretty much everything he did was picturesque. Payne's Gray paint will always remind me of him, as that is the color I used for his gray fur.