Oct 31, 2010


We were trying to get to the Louvre and thought this building with the carousel in the back yard was it because of the color and the shape of the roof. We were wrong. We were about half a mile off. It was one of those days that started out cool, so I piled on a jacket and big boots, but after walking fast for a couple of blocks, it turned out to be hot. Every time we go to Europe, we go earlier and earlier in the season with the intention of avoiding heat, but it never works. It's always hot when we go! It never seems to daunt the Europeans though... they wear their pants and coats no matter how warm it is. I really can't complain though, we were lucky just to be there. Just a few hours later and the ash cloud would have gotten us. I don't know how all that relates to this painting, I just thought I'd share. This oil painting of Paris is 18"h x 24"w. SOLD.

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