May 1, 2012

Kitten with Green Feather Toy

This is a painting of Stella, my new, very happy, yet rambunctious kitten. We adopted her a couple of months ago, as she was about to be euthanized, due to an overabundance of cats.

My middle-aged cat, Oliver,was at a stage of boredom in his life. He spent many hours asleep on the window seat or on the sofa in my studio all day while I painted. He wanted to play, but I just couldn't entertain him as much as he needed. So I thought this little kitten would be the perfect companion for him, and that turned out to be the case (except when she beats him up and he won't defend himself because he is a gentleman.) I think things will work out well between them. I know she is very happy to be alive.

My message to people: Please spay or neuter your pets, and quit dropping them off at other people's houses! SOLD.

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