Jul 12, 2013

Cape May II

All I seem to want to paint right now is beach paintings. This is another scene from Cape May, New Jersey. I painted this from a photo that I took last year.

Standing in front of the easel, looking at beach images and listening to Chopin is almost as good as being there. I spent a summer at the Jersey shore in college and worked at a store on the boardwalk. I was often alone in the store that sold gifts and collectibles between the hours 5 and 6 pm. There weren't many customers during that time because they were usually leaving the beach to prepare for dinner and evening activities. So, I would stand by the counter with my coffee and look out the big window at the ocean while listening to Chopin. That particular music wasn't allowed to be played in the store because we didn't have that CD for sale and the owner wanted me to only play the music that was for sale. It was the only CD that I liked, so I didn't comply. Who knew that listening to Chopin would make someone a rebel? I hope my old boss isn't reading this. Oil on canvas on 6"h x 8"w Ray Mar panel. SOLD.

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