Jul 21, 2013

Cape May Study I

I've started a series of studies. I literally have hundreds of photos that I want to paint from my travels. I've narrowed it down from thousands of photos. This will satisfy my need to paint them all right now. I plan to do larger, finished, color paintings of the ones I like the best. As an example, I will have the color version of this composition on 11" x 14" stretched linen finished this week.

These studies are on 5"h x 7" canvas panels. I used my black mixture, wiped out the light areas, used white on the brightest areas, transparent red on the intermediate colors and a bit of gray. These are fun to paint and take the worry out of possibly wasting a good canvas on a mediocre painting. After completing one of these, I'll know whether I will like the finished painting. Also, I often like the slightly abstract way a painting looks when I first start it. I'm often tempted to leave them that way, but of course I can't stop painting. This will allow me to experiment more with different styles. SOLD.

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