Nov 16, 2014

Deauville Beach Umbrellas

One of the reasons I chose to visit Deauville, France in May was because of the colorful umbrellas that line the beach. On the day we arrived, it was very cold and windy, so nobody was sitting on the beach, and the umbrellas were all folded up. On the other two days, we were very fortunate to have sunny, yet cool weather, and the umbrellas were out and people frolicked on the beach. It was not bathing suit weather, but most people rolled up their pants and shirt sleeves. I thought it was strange that nobody walked around in their bare feet, and I'm sure everyone thought I was a weirdo when I removed my shoes to walk in the sand. At that time I thought it may be my only beach trip of the year, so I had to enjoy it as much as possible. The photo that I used as reference for this painting was taken late in the afternoon when the beach was a little less crowded. Oil on 6"h x 8"w Ray Mar panel. SOLD.

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