Nov 10, 2014

Sidewalk Cafe in Paris

A painting of a sidewalk cafe in Paris on a sunny, cloudy day. I intentionally left part of this painting in a state that some would call unfinished. I often like the way the painting looks when I first sketch the composition on the canvas with the neutral paint before I start adding color. I've done these in the past, it is just hard for me to figure out what looks finished enough, or which parts to add color to and which ones to leave neutral. I really liked the sky that day, so I used color in the sky. Red was the most predominant color, as the buildings and the people's clothes were mostly neutral, so that determined what received color and what didn't. Oil on 14"h x 11"w stretched linen.

This is one of the thirty new paintings that I will have on exhibit at Gallery on 43rd Street in Pittsburgh, PA (Lawrenceville) from Friday, October 3rd through December 31st, 2014.  Click here to visit the website. The paintings were mostly inspired by my recent trip to France and will include interiors, sidewalk cafes, food, cityscapes and boats.

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