Mar 13, 2019

Seussen Van Floofen

This is my first painting of our new addition, Seuss. We met last summer while rucking in town with some friends. We decided to do a hill ruck with our weighted packs for a tougher workout and suddenly this cat jumped out at us and started following us. I posted it on Facebook later, and found out that the cat belonged to another friend, and she had just gotten her. A few months later, Seuss wasn't getting along with her other cat and she needed a home. After thinking about it, we decided to give her a chance. Though she is small and mostly toothless, she chased my other cats around the house for weeks. Finally they suddenly started to ignore her, and now they co-exist. I'm glad they can keep the peace and am happy to have her to snuggle with on the sofa. I'm sure there will be many paintings of her in the near future! SOLD.

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